Peacock Feathers, Iridescent Website Patterns and More!

Chris was introduced to Jennifer, a Master Groomer in 2013 through a referral and her company was selected to build a website that was unique and custom branded to the Love Fur Dogs facilities.

Before the design phase started after the planning of the site, Jennifer sent Chris a variety of visuals, most notably peacock feathers. It was most important that the website would have purple and just the right shade of teal blue and look iridescent. Additionally the website needed a ‘feel’ of friendly and compassionate.

One of the concerns that Chris had was how to design the website in a way that would give Jennifer her favorite colors, but not look garish or tacky with the bright shades.

Chris created a pattern that would have the ‘look’ (as close to iridescent that you can get in flat media) and also be compatible on various website platforms. The pattern as simple as it looks, was complicated in coding and building. Subtle elements throughout the website bring a level of sophistication while keeping in line with the branding colors.

As typical for all website projects Chris works on, Jennifer had two different designs to choose from that were custom designed based on the interpretation of the project goals, the branding and business goals.

Through attention to detail, open communication, design, team programming expertise and years of experience in WordPress, the Love Fur Dogs website has delivered exactly what are client needed and wanted – all within budget.

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