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Is your website the best part of your sales team?

You have seconds to make the right first impression. Your website sets the expectation of your products and services. Your website can be your best employee – working hard and looking good 24/7!

Your brand, services/products are different from your competitors, your website should be different too. All of our websites are custom designed for your business. No cookie cutter websites. Many of our clients find us after they have tried the do-it-yourself option (and hours of frustration).

When working with Rosepapa Creative on your web project, everything is right up front. No hidden surprises. From pricing to delivery, each step of the way is open communication. From weekly (often daily) check in calls and messages, we actively keep your project moving in the right direction.

Take a look at a brief overview of our process.

Planning: Goals and project scope

During the planning phase of the website, we define the scope of the project. This is done through a series of meetings and our website planning guide that helps to get your goals in place.  We determine features, functions, tasks, deadlines and costs. A few of the questions we will ask: 

  • Your message and brand
  • Sales and marketing goals
  • Current online presence
  • Target demographics – who are your customers/clients?
  • Analyzing existing site for what works and doesn’t work (if you have one)
  • and much more
Concepts and design

Once we have the plan and scope in place the design process starts.

Before design however,  we will have already scoped out how many design choices are included with your package, logo design choices if applicable, additional graphical elements and photography elements.

Using design and graphics that we create and ones that you provide, we design custom concepts that reflect your brand, goals and message seamlessly. Most of our website packages include 2 custom home pages to choose from. 

Content and SEO

Your content should be more than just facts and bullet points! Many business owners are challenged with the content piece of their website. They don’t know what to write about. That’s ok, because we help with this each step of the way. We help you to identify the ‘voice’ which will connect with your potential visitors. Your website should be interesting to read! And it needs to be search engine friendly too. We provide on page SEO optimization.


We develop and build on a test server for accuracy prior to working on a live server. We keep you engaged in the project each step of the way through phone, email, text. No surprises along the way, you are kept in the loop!

During development phase we work on the coding for responsive screens, design implementation and website optimization. With large sites we work from detailed sitemaps, planning the architecture of the information and how it flows and links between pages and content  We also work on the keywords, local search features, social media integration, implementing forms, site speed and security. There are dozens of other features that are included with each website and are reviewed during the planning phase.

When the site is completed, we review with you to ensure it’s functioning as designed and we address any errors and adjustments.  

Before take off and launch we have another check point process that we follow to make sure everything is as good as it can be!

Continual support and follow-up

Over the years we have heard the stories of the MIA web designers/developers. Just when you think your project is ready to go; your designer/developer has gone into dark mode.

That won’t happen with us. We are here Monday-Friday during business hours. We are also here for emergencies 6 days a week.

Once your website is completed, we give you the keys to the kingdom so to speak. It’s yours. We don’t hold hostage your domain names, hosting, design work. We’ve heard those stories too.

All of our small business websites are documented with how-tos, include client training on how to use your website, how to write content, how to promote your brand and much more. 

After launch of your website: One hour of online or in-person training on all the details of how to use and maintain your website
• A packet that includes all the details about your website. Login information, online training specific to your website build and the most recent back-up of your website.
• 30 days of free support, hands on help and additional training.
• Discounted ongoing support

Support Packages

1. The Bare Bones Basic: Website support is $49.99 a month and includes:
• Monthly backups of your website
• Plugin Updates
• Core updates as needed
• 1/2 hour of email support a month or 1/2 hour of text updates that are emailed to us.

– Paid Quarterly

2. Small business support package is $149 a month and includes:
• Website content changes that you provide – up to 2 hours a month
• Image and graphic manipulation
• Content writing services – 1 Blog post a month that we write based on your input
• Graphic Design – Change out home page banner

What happens if I don’t want website support?
Depending on your website build*,  you may opt out of support. People who opt out of support will have a strong working knowledge of WordPress and website security.

If you need occasional website support:
• As needed help, 99.00 an hour. 

A lot of time and strategy goes into building an effective website. It’s also an investment. Why risk it by overlooking or underestimating the importance of your online brand and keeping it current.

*If your website is an ecommerce website support will be required.

We understand small business

Having built dozens of websites for a variety of businesses, we understand the challenges of small business owners.  This understanding has come through listening, experience and involvement. As a part of our local Chamber of Commerce for eleven years, Rosepapa Creative has had the opportunity to connect with a variety of businesses and situations. Rosepapa Creative offers more than website and creative marketing solutions, they offer connections to community, leaders and doers that also help empower business owners.

We’re in this together

INTERESTED IN FINDING OUT MORE about our web design packages?

Rosepapa Creative is located in Gilbert, Arizona and works with a variety of companies all over the USA. Connect via Skype, messaging, screen share, email, phone, and in-person for Phoenix based businesses.

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