How to Choose the Right WordPress Developer for Your Business?

WordPress Design & Development

Choosing the right WordPress professional is an important first step when designing a new website or redesigning a current website.

The design, coding and implementation of your website is much more than a task that you are depending on. The agency or freelancer you select should be viewed as an essential member of your team; for brand development, website design, business strategy and support. (Shown above is a recent WordPress project for a Corporate Event company in Scottsdale AZ – see more here).

When selecting a WordPress Developer consider the following:

Track Record: How much experience does your WordPress Developer have? Take a look at their projects, dig deeper to find out their expertise.

Personality: Your WordPress Developer should be a good fit for your personality and company brand. Take the time for a phone call or in person meeting if possible. Skype or Google Hangout is also a good option. Before diving into the details of your project find out what this person is all about. You’ll be trusting them with your business.

Delivery and Dependability: Can your WordPress Developer deliver? Some can talk up the project; but when the rubber meets the road, can they go the distance with you? About 25% of our WordPress projects are those that were abandoned by other WordPress developers who gave up or didn’t complete the project correctly. It’s important to know this and the steps that are taken to ensure your projects completion. Sometimes getting to the finish line can be the hardest part of the web project and you want to work with people with a proven track record.

Supportive: When it’s all said and done, be sure your provider is supportive and easy to work with! From the first steps of your WordPress website to the final training sessions and ongoing support.

Rosepapa Creative offers WordPress training sessions in-person throughout the Phoenix area. For outside of Phoenix we provide online training.

WordPress training sessions cover all the basics of WordPress and more. From Blogging strategies, building pages, necessary WordPress plugins, security, social media integration in WordPress and more.

Take a look at our project page for a variety of WordPress websites we’ve designed and developed.

Our goal is that your project is a success! Beyond the website design and the build out we offer training and support.


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