Visual Storytelling

Depending on your business, branding and the topic of your article there are many ways you can use imagery to tell a story, evoke feelings and create response.

Studies show that visual data far outweighs content. Don’t get me wrong though, content is still king, however visuals should not be underestimated.

By conveying your message in a visually appealing way through graphics, photography, videos, visual flowcharts, info-graphics, etc., you can make people more likely to support your cause, share your message, or show interest in your product or services.

To get started on your visuals you need a source and let’s look at finding free photography.

Where to find free photography to start your visual storytelling?

Here Are My Top Picks for Unique and Free Photography and Videos


The best source for creative and unique photography. Unsplash has over a million free high-resolution photos. Be careful though, you could spend hours getting lost in the library! Explore here

Pexels: Free photos and videos

Pexels has unique photos from contributors all over the world similar to Unsplash. However, one interesting feature is the Photographer Leaderboard. You can quickly see which photographers have the most views and a quick gallery of their top selections. Shown above is a photo by Alex Kozlov. More here


Pixabay offers over 1.8 million high quality stock images and videos. Like so many of these websites they depend on contributions that are vetted by their community before accepted. Shown above one of my contributions from a series of photos I took and shared of the Salt River Horses in Arizona. Visit Pixabay


Girl with teddy bear


Browse free stock photos and videos and view trending, favorites, latest, etc. A good combination of lifestyle, food, nature and themes. Built into the website is a photo editing tool which is useful. More here

Free Nature Shot

Free Nature Shots – Great finds are presented if you are looking for landscapes, flowers, trees and sky. Explore here



Free and Membership options are presented in this website. Images are cross promoted into ‘more like this’ and a membership. More here


An impressive collection of free videos. Explore more here