How to Give Your About Page A Dash of Personality

How to Write Your Website About Page

Your ‘About’ page or company profile needs to communicate authenticity, not read like a boring biography. How many times have you arrived on a website and gone to the ‘about us’ page to find very little that builds your trust, interest or comfort level with a company? People want to know who you are, and why they should choose your company for business over your competitors.

One of the the most challenging tasks for our web design clients are their about page. Most are too busy and too close to the day in and day out to have a different perspective.

We’ve helped dozens of companies navigate their about pages. From consulting and strategizing for the best ‘voice’, to writing the content and to even taking their photos, we jump right in to help companies make the best first impression!

Here are a few tips to help polish your about page:

Add a Dash of Personality

When your ‘about’ page reads like a professor’s lecture, it’s not usually a good thing!
Prospective customers want to know that you will be a good fit – and the best way to do this is to show them a glimpse of your personality, that you are likeable.

Tell your companies story – what led you to start your business?

Whether it’s through a touch of humor or fun, be natural and let your unique voice come through.

Don’t Just Tell, Show

Remember show and tell from your grade school days? Have a little fun with your about page by backing up how great your company really is with facts. Share a bit about your company’s history, include a few photos. Make your photos unique and tell your company story with confidence!

Highlight any press about your company, awards, etc. It also doesn’t hurt to do a little name-dropping when it comes to any clients you may have that are widely known – toot your own horn, so to speak!

Camera shy? Take the plunge and create videos that engage your visitors. Videos make a strong presence on a website and are the next best thing to meeting with someone in person.

Be a Problem Solver

Your company about page is a great place to show your potential clients/customers that they are in the right spot for the problems that they face.

  • What problem does your business solve?
  • What can your experience do for your potential clients/customers?

Make It Obvious

You may not know it, but in most cases a company profile is one of the most visited pages on a website.

Make it easy to find by placing it in your main navigation bar at the top of the page, or somewhere above the fold so that people don’t have to scroll down to find it.

As you can see, your company profile or ‘about’ page can be much more than a boring summary of your CEOs name and company history. Give your page a little TLC, and gain your readers’ trust.

Christina Rosepapa
Rosepapa Creative was founded in 2008 to provide business owners with a cohesive solution in web design and branding. With over 20 years experience in design and marketing + 15 years working in WordPress, I’ve had the opportunity to work with and assist dozens of industries throughout the USA.

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