Improve Your Small Business Website Trust Factor

Does your website communicate trust?

Building a solid website is one of the most important aspects of your business. The internet has it’s share of of fraudulent, fake and scam based websites. Savvy web consumers don’t really “trust” the websites they visit unless they contain key features that validate legitimacy.

If you’re selling a product or service from your website, it’s essential that your audience trusts both you and what you have to offer. Therefore, it’s important that your website conveys trust.

Here are a seven key features that will help your small business website be more trustworthy and look more trustworthy in the eyes of wary consumers.

1. The Very Basic – Your Website Address Bar
First, your website needs to be running on HTTPS. SSL/TLS and HTTPS allow users to securely transmit confidential information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, and login credentials over the internet, and be sure that the website they are sending them to is authentic. With an insecure HTTP website, data are sent as plain text, readily available to any eavesdropper with access to the data stream.

Visitors of these unprotected websites have no trusted third-party assurance that the website they are visiting is what it claims to be.

2. Reliable Contact Information
It’s understandable that visitors would be a bit suspicious when they cannot find any way to contact your company on your website. What if they buy your product and have a question, or need further information? Be easily accessible; make it simple for your visitor to contact you by including this information on every page, or having a “contact us” page.

3. Useful, Informative Content
The whole purpose of having a website for your business is to provide potential customers with information about your company – what you do, what your product/service will do for the customer, how you can meet their needs/solve a problem. If your website is light on information, visitors are likely to go elsewhere. Consider adding a blog to educate consumers about your products, your industry, and to keep them updated on new features or services.

4. Remember That Looks Count
People are extremely visual; they love things that are attractive to the eye. If your website’s design doesn’t “pop” in some way, it won’t likely make an impression. Present your website in a way that effectively represents your company, is attractive to look at, and easy to navigate.

5. Social Proof
Legitimate services should have a variety of reviews. Take the time to build your reviews from other reputable sources. Don’t rely only on your Facebook reviews and have reviews outside of your website. Testimonials on your website and case studies are also ways to improve your websites trust factor.

6. Copyright Date
Use the copyright space at the bottom of your website to let consumers know how long you’ve been in business. Many companies include only the current year in their copyright; consider putting the year your company was established to the current year instead, such as “2004-2022.”

7. Awards and Press
Has your business received a special award or been the subject of positive media? Consider an “in the news” section that showcases your news and awards. This is a great way to gain visitors’ trust.

Plan to put these suggestions in place. At the very least your website needs to be secure and your contact info easy to find. Not sure on the steps to take to boost your online credibility? Rosepapa Creative can help. Contact us for more information.

Christina Rosepapa
Rosepapa Creative was founded in 2008 to provide business owners with a cohesive solution in web design and branding. With over 20 years experience in design and marketing + 15 years working in WordPress, I’ve had the opportunity to work with and assist dozens of industries throughout the USA.

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