“I’m Your Number One Fan – I’ve Read Everything You’ve Written…”

You know how some things just stick in your mind? The impact of the story stays with you. I was recently thinking about Misery by Steven King, I had seen this movie many years ago and revisit it ever so often.

I’m not a scary movie type of person, however the psychological drama and the spellbinding performance by Kathy Bates had me from the start.

As the Number One loyal fan of famed novelist Paul Sheldon, Psychotic Annie Wilkes was beyond disappointed when Paul decided not to finish the romantic series of books that she was very attached to. As fate would have it, Paul is traveling in a blizzard and his car goes off the road knocking him unconscious. Lucky day for Annie as she rescues Paul, taking him to her remote home and nurses him back to health (after she breaks his legs so he can’t escape). What ensues is a nightmare for Paul when Annie holds him captive and demands that he rewrites the last book to keep her beloved character Misery and book series alive. In typical Steven King style, the movie is graphic and disturbing.

So, what’s the point. Obviously you don’t want crazy number one fans like Annie Wilkes, however there is inspiration in what a crazy good author can write and how they can tell a story so well that people can’t wait to read what’s next.

One of the biggest challenges I encounter when working with new clients is that many don’t know what to write about their company. How can a business owner tell their story in a new and fresh way that is memorable and effective when they are so close to the source? I understand this. It’s difficult to have creative vision and a new perspective when you are in the day to day operations.

At Rosepapa Creative we strive to provide creative solutions for our clients. Not tell scary stories, or attract the wrong audience, but present your products or services in a way that is engaging, accurate and strategic.

We accomplish this through digital media design, marketing campaigns and content.

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And by the way, if you want to check out the whole story of Misery you can find out more here.