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Running a doggie daycare may be compared to caring for a bunch of toddlers, but if you’re in the pet care industry you do it because you love it. For many of us, our dogs really are our best friends. Those who run a pet salon, who are veterinarians, or who board other people’s pets while they work or are off on an extended vacation do it for a reason – they’re passionate about animals.

Have you considered the importance of a branded and strategic website in order to increase your presence and visibility online?

A pet services website isn’t only critical to spreading the word about your business, it can be fun as well. Even though yours is a business based around pets or in particular dogs, promotion and branding are just as important! On the Internet, one of the biggest problems is getting targeted traffic; competition online is tough, and your website must be designed in a way that attracts the attention of both potential pets (and their “people”), and search engines. Just kidding – we know dogs don’t go online in search of doggie daycares on their own – yet, anyway!

A pet services website should have a dynamic design and capture your personality. This is an industry that isn’t like most others, so it’s important to get the right look and feel; one that’s fun, yet professional. Marketing your pet-related business online involves a lot of things. In addition to a striking and appealing dog website design, you need to consider:

  • Branding your business in a way that’s creative and fun
  • A website that drives targeted traffic, resulting in increased leads and customers
  • A professional web designer who knows the business and is available to provide the support and guidance you need to reach success

What about the stuff in the background that isn’t so fun when running a doggie daycare, grooming, or boarding business like setting price, accounting, boarding types, reporting, training rosters, credit card processing, etc.? By integrating your pet services website with a web-based software such as PetExec, life will be easier for you and your customers. Imagine your customers logging onto your website – fun for them, easy for you.

Whatever kind of pet business you run, make the most of it with great web design and web-based software that lets you and your customers focus on what both of you love most – your wonderful puppies!

Rosepapa Creative has worked with a variety of pet based businesses for the last several years. Take a look at the website we created for PetExec, one of our favorites!

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