Should your small business brand make a political stand on social media?

Before your dive into politics on your business social media platforms, consider the following – impulsive posting on social media regarding political topics can evoke in-the-moment responses that shape first impressions of a business. It can also quickly escalate and before you know it the damage is done.

A non-biased and inclusive branding voice for small business owners involves a few crucial steps to thrive when using social media to an advantage!

1. First Impressions Count
Everything one says or does online creates an impression. According to Small Business Trends, fifty-two percent of small business owners post daily on social media. Political rhetoric that stirs up negativity can damage branding for a small business—so it’s important to have a divide between personal views and business branding.

It may be inevitable that personal causes and beliefs may seep into marketing and business. It is important to know your crowd and understand the effect this will have on them, and inevitably your business. Check your facts and bias.

2. Fact Check
Fact checking and searching for the right publicity should be applied when providing a political stance. The safe route with your business expressing politics is to join or endorse community organizations that are committed to a fair and engaged cause.

Merely spouting out opinions will jeopardize your business and polarize the client base. Don’t get spun my internet rumors. Fact check!

3. Strengthen Client Relations by Avoiding Stereotypes
Often times, active social media users may forget they are making posts visible to real people with a variety of backgrounds and beliefs. The best method a business can achieve with showing community involvement or dedication to a cause is to be real—but be courteous to differing perspectives.

Politics can seem like a fifty/fifty scenario—however, avoiding stereotypes and uniformed views can show sincerity towards a cause and inspire better relations with clients.

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