Introducing VinMaps® which is a niche business that has been growing at a steady rate since 2001. The story of VinMaps is a unique and interesting one. It’s truly inspirational.

Like most start up businesses, they began with an interest and knowledge in a particular field. Add vision, heart, and the entrepreneurial spirit and they are fueled forward.

VinMaps Owner, Suzi Perez is a businesswoman with a passion for fine wine and geography. She founded VinMaps in 2001 to fulfill a growing interest in high-quality wine territory maps. Suzi is an industry leader with a degree in Geography from San Diego State University, who has been working in the field of geography, specifically geographic information systems, since 1991.

What began as her vision has grown to a worldwide presence. VinMaps produces Wine Maps that feature wine regions around the world. These maps are sold on their website. VinMaps also works with renowned wineries around the world to create custom maps for tasting rooms. Wine enthusiasts collect VinMaps as premium works of art.

VinMaps is also part of wine education and training and they are featured in the training rooms of Total Wine and More, where they are part of the wine education experience.

Since VinMaps does not have a traditional brick and mortar location, their website is ESSENTIAL in promoting and selling their products.

I actually met Suzi years ago while living in Seattle and built her first eCommerce website in 2004. 12 years ago! Wow, a lot has changed.

I moved to Phoenix, lost touch with her for awhile and last year started working with her company again. She had been through new website designs over the years with a local development company.

When we reconnected her biggest issue was that their eCommerce website was not getting results. Half the time her cart was broken, customers couldn’t purchase and the website did not work properly on mobile.

I won’t get into ALL the technical details, however more importantly we rebuilt a website that works on a Woo Commerce responsive framework (in Divi) using WordPress.

However before we dived into the website and technical needs, I first worked with her to really understand where she wants her business to go. It had been 12 years since we had worked on her first website and her business had evolved. We fine-tuned her messaging and branding, I reworked her look and created and developed a new website that consistently sells and promotes her product online. In addition, I work with her on email marketing and social media promotions.

When working with clients it’s really important for me to take the time to understand their business goals, vision and the brand that they want to create. This is the foundation. And from this foundation and understanding I then design the visuals, messaging, strategy and then the technical (coding and development) implementation.

The vision at Rosepapa Creative is to empower and promote the clients that we have the opportunity to work with!

Although recently updated, our website still lacked relevance and never performed the way we had hoped it would. Enter Rosepapa Creative! They designed and built a beautiful, clean, relevant eCommerce website for us, starting from the ground up. This boosted our marketability as well as our company morale. Thank you Chris!