1:1 Strategy and Website Training

Feeling frustrated or lost in the back-end of your WordPress website?
Or are you considering building your website in WordPress and want to review all the pros and cons first?

Save hours of frustration and time spent on tutorials and get right to the issues or questions that are most challenging for you.

Each session we book with you is hands on and you do-as-you-learn with instruction and demonstrations live via Zoom based on your needs.

WordPress training sessions are 60 minutes and cost $90 per session. We work through your list of questions, needs and challenges. Some of the things we cover in a session that you can request:

  • Understanding the nuances of WordPress
  • Help with website strategy
  • How to select the perfect WordPress theme for your business
  • Pages, posts, widgets, menus and more! How to use them
  • Learn the basics of SEO
  • How to track with Google Analytics
  • Plugins that will superpower your WordPress website
  • Plugin conflicts and what to avoid
  • How to add lead capture to your website
  • Tips on how to take your website to the next level with a membership platform
  • Tips on eCommerce websites in WordPress and tips on selling your own branded products or Amazon based products
I’ve been working in WordPress for over 15 years! Starting out there were not nearly all the options there are today. There were also few tutorials and places to get help.
However, today there are so many options and choices and it’s become more challenging to select what is really needed for a business website.
Having built over 100 websites, I’ve learned a lot the hard way! Though I’ve been through certifications, classes and yearly WordPress training camps, there is always so much more to learn.
I can help you with 1:1 training on just about anything WordPress, website design and strategy!

When you book a session with me it’s all about your needs and what I can do to help you understand more and feel more empowered with your website.

Is your website design losing you business?

First impressions mean everything, and this goes for websites as well. You not only lose credibility with poor web design, you lose visitors. If you haven’t updated your website in a while, now might be the time.

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