Social media has become a standard channel of communication for business owners and consumers. It’s not going away anytime soon!

It can be overwhelming, and where to start and put your efforts can be a challenge to determine. Below are the top three tips in social media and online marketing that will help your business take flight!

Here’s how:

Your Company Blog

One effort that pays off and that will help you gain a foothold in the busy digital media space is your company Blog. Most of your content should be generated from your websites Blog. From your post it can be shared, found, tracked, categorized, tagged (a secret weapon) and re purposed throughout all social media platforms. YOU OWN IT. Keep that in mind. YOU CONTROL IT. It’s your brand, your company voice.

Now sometimes it may feel your product or service is lost in the shuffle with all the other thousands upon thousands trying to be noticed and heard.

So what do you do? Give up. Of course not, find your niche, your sweet spot and create compelling content that has it’s own tune. A few of my how to tips on creating compelling content.

Through strategy, time and patience (and creativity) you can gain a foothold to bring in more visibility and more business.

It takes a flock to learn more on this topic and below are some helpful articles I’ve been especially impressed with this week.

Each of these articles provides valuable insights on how you can get even further online by utilizing your online presence and Blog.

Local Search – How it Works

Valuable insights by Neil Patel. More here

Optimize your web presence following these steps and you will start gaining organic rankings. And, higher organic rankings should result in higher sales.

Step #1 – Ensure that your NAP is consistent across the top-ranked directories
I am not talking about sleeping. NAP stands for these 3 details about your business – name, address and phone number with area code (some people also like to add the business website to this info and call the acronym NAP + W).

Step #2 – Build credibility for your business

1. Local NAP citations
2. Local Reviews – in quality as well as quantity.
3. Claiming your business on Google My Business.

Step #3 – Create local content for earning links, social media following and press mentions

In the Moz local search engine ranking factors survey, link signals accounted for 18.3 % and social signals accounted for 5.8 % of the total.
What does that bring us to? Good old content marketing!

Gain Ground – How to become an Influencer

Smart Insights announces – Consumers trust influencers more than brands. Go figure… of course!

The secret to influencer marketing is the ability to find an effective platform with the most viewership so you can share your knowledge and content. Doing this lets you amplify your content reach so more people will be able to read your content. If your content is as good as advertised, you can expect more people to engage with you, if not become more familiar with your work.

Worth the read.

Content Marketing Generate 3 Times the Number of Leads

A guide to Content Marketing – check out the visual!

A Guide to Marketing Genius:  Content Marketing 

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