the girlfriend connection

Meet the Girlfriend Connection created in 2019 by two female entrepreneurs in Arizona.

The Girlfriend Connection promotes the importance of face-to-face connections through in person events and support.

Ironically founded on Facebook, these Girlfriends groups work to build face-to-face relationships among family- and community-minded women.

The Girlfriend Connection website was created so Girlfriend Groups throughout the country can be found, managed and connected in one place.

The vision of the website is to be the source for connection of all the communities, promotion of events, a place to get girlfriend swag and a platform for communications.

“What I enjoyed about the project was the passion and vision the gals have for connecting women together in a fun and meaningful way. They are people connectors! My vision for the website was to reflect the vibrancy of the owners, to give them a professional platform and to show all the connections/activities.

From a development standpoint, I needed to develop features that would help them manage the communities and members. Also an easy place for communities all over the country to buy swag specific to their groups. I also needed to develop a robust membership site – lots of details behind the scenes makes this work seamlessly.”

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Strategy & Consulting

We worked with the clients to determine the goals of the new website. Rosepapa Creative determined that a membership platform integrated with a subscription and Ecommerce would help their cause grow and support their brand and website engagement.

Design & Development

The custom design of the website was created to be modern, fun, pops of color and cohesive with all their other branding materials. The membership side of the website promotes members, special offers and protected content. The eCommerce side of the website integrates Stripe for membership and Woo Commerce for products.

Training & Support

Rosepapa Creative works monthly with the ladies who own the website. From maintenance to set up of graphics for products and collaboration on goals, Christina makes sure that everything on the back end is running smooth.

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