Is your Social Media marketing a juggling act?

Studies show 47% of all online time is spent on Social Media and more than 2 Billion People have Social Media accounts. There is much opportunity for exposure and promotion, and a lot of competition to be seen and heard.

What then is effective?
According to Hubspot “…defining “effective” is a challenge. Your definition of success may differ from, well, anyone’s. Social media evolves at the speed of screen flicker. There simply are no steadfast rules.”

Do with this in mind, where DO you start?
First, optimize your pages and profiles. Ensure your profile pages use relevant keywords to get discovered via search
Second, create branded pages. Brand your profile pages with great cover photos, background and colors.
Lastly, determine user interests in your industry.

This isn’t a simple as it may sound. Once you determine the interest of your user or rather visitor/fan/tribe you want to keep them engaged with your brand. There are a variety of ways that we do this. Through content, visuals, contests, promoting our fans, rewarding our fans and much more.

Rosepapa Creative customizes a plan that is based on creativity and analytics. Every footprint can be tracked online and with valuable insights we can adjust your campaigns to get the most exposure for your budget and your target market. We focus on where the results are!

Trying to do everything will get you exactly nowhere. We specifically focus on the following:

Website Design: Building your company website so that it’s mobile, professional and designed to your target audience. If you’re sending social media visitors to your website and it’s outdated then immediately you loose credibility!

Email Marketing: Building, managing your lists and content

Company Updates: Company Facebook page, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram visuals

Promotions: All the creative, strategy and implementation for your marketing campaigns

Branding: Ensuring that all aspects of your brand are consistent and relevant to your audience

Find out more on how Rosepapa Creative can help your business reach your online goals – contact us for pricing and a presentation!

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Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

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