While trends come and go, in 2021 a strong marketing and social media strategy and well-built website will remain consistent. A strong strategy is built on a marketing plan, tailored to the complex and ever evolving nature of search engines and the consumer appetite for relevant and engaging content.

However when it comes to trends and fads, choose carefully which ones will boost presence on search engines such as Google and Yelp. Most consumers rely on first impressions when selecting a product or service.

Here’s what search engines actively promote, so your website should have staying power and boosted visibility in search feeds.

Increased Security Measures
Chrome has standardized non-HTTPS websites as non-secure. Websites without HTTPS encryption will fall under the radar and fail to attract visits. Eighty-one of the top 100 most visited sites on the web use HTTPS by default.

Privacy and security advocates have long encouraged the makers of web browsers to include indicators that help users understand if the website they are viewing is safe to share information with. The inclusion of the “not secure” tag should discourage Chrome users from giving personal information to sites that do not utilize proper encryption.

Keep in mind your website sets the first impression in milliseconds! Credibility factors on a business website either instills trust or distrust. Does your website pass the credibility check? Take a look at 41 factors that influence credibility here.

Mobile First
Google reports that more than ninety-four percent of web searches are conducted on mobile device. User-friendly easily accessed websites on every device is not a trend. It’s a necessity. As more and more content is delivered on the go, companies that aren’t adapting their websites to a responsive framework will soon be outdated. If a website is contained to a desktop version, mobile device users will actively avoid browsing it.

A.I. and Web Pages
Artificial intelligence is no longer confined to sci-fi. AI has worked its way into mainstream web design, through conversation interfaces (or chatbots). Chatbots perform versatile tasks—including, information for products, branding, and adding personality to a page. Instead of sifting through pools of information on a website, chatbots interface with a viewer to direct their consumer interest. With over thirty nine million American adults owing the Amazon bot Alexa, artificial intelligence is bound to keep evolving. Chat bots can resolve every day issues, ultimately saving time so you can focus on budding tech trends!

With an Eye Towards Design – Outside the Box
Think Picasso on the web! Asymmetrical designs are becoming more common with an ability for fast loading CSS. The Divi Framework for instance, continues to push the envelope for designers that want to break free from constraints.

Layering with different colors and textures, repeating irregular patterns, use of white space, and creative use of typography create a sense of depth not normally found in grid-based layouts. A creative use of elements, not overdone, will bring interest to important messages online.

Video Takeover – Optimize the Video Format
The millennial generation is not content with a vibrant page layout. In fact, most millennial web users utilize YouTube as a primary engine for self-education. Podcasts, short YouTube clips, Facebook video posts are all productive ways to boost your web profile. Old content does not need to expire or exist in old web archives. A productive way to save time and energy  is to translate dated posts into a media format. Video advertising spices-up word-based advertisement, providing a personalized means to attract possible clients.

Tips for Tech Success Going Forward
• If you are unsure if your website caters to the mobile crowd—take Google’s mobile-friendly test:
• Make sure to research and implement a response web design (RWD) that conveys ease of use, speed and security.
•  Select reliable hosting that will grow with your business. Having worked with dozens of hosting companies over the years,  Siteground is the most stable and offers the best support.
• Voice searches are a popular medium for web users to track-down websites: Keep content written like a question/answer format to attract voice searches.
• Revise old blog content to attract organic searches. If your website is infrequently updated, it will decline in Google feeds and may become invisible. Put the effort into your content!
• Stay active! The vast array of information on marketing can seem overwhelming. In fact, the most lucrative way to cash-in on website trends is to devote time each day to keeping a website Yelp and Google friendly.