WordPress Tips & Support

Where do I find my WordPress login password: Your website login is sent to you after the project is completed. At the time of our training session we also review the login.

If you can’t find your login, go to your website login page:
Select: Lost your password and follow the prompts.

Lost everything? If your project has been within the last 2 years, send Chris an email and she’ll look it up in her records.

Help – My website is down!
Is your domain name active – you will receive a request for renewal from your domain name registrar. Be sure and keep your domain name registration up to date.

If you lose your domain name it can be a big hassle and more expense to get it back.

Is your hosting account up to date – you will receive requests for renewal from your website hosting company. If your account is active, please call your hosting company to find out if your outage is hosting related.

Is your website down for just you or everyone? Check it out here with this tool.

I forgot how to update my websiteContact Chris for information on scheduling a refresher training session.

WordPress Tips

This helpful guide is packed full of tips!

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