Work Passion and Relentless Focus

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners took the leap of self-employment for freedom and passion for their work. However, being your own boss is not always fun. The buck starts with you and ends with you.

Work passion and relentless focus is not always a good thing.

Drawbacks from self-employment or entrepreneurial work include burn out, lack of salaried pay, challenging situations and isolation. The Harvard Business Review lists work-related ailments caused by chronic burnout. At least one in four entrepreneurs or business owners face “the dark side of passion” that compromises health and relationships. These entrepreneurs tend to be extremely passionate about work and more socially isolated, have limited safety nets, and operate in high uncertainty.

Work Passion and Relentless Focus

A lack of sleep, exercise, and unhealthy diet can be contributing factors to relentless focus. Elon Musk is an infamous example of an entrepreneur who lost composure in 2018, resulting in loss of profit and scattered business endeavors. The importance of spending time away from business and recharging through hobbies is essential for a less cluttered headspace and dedication to a project or goal.

All work, no play lifestyle

Forbes ranks America as the most overworked nation in the world, with weekly work hours averaging at 47 hours per week. This statistic may not come across as striking—but if commute time and time spent handling practical concerns or family obligations are added up, it becomes clear that most Americans abide to an all work, no play lifestyle. Business owners and entrepreneurs may spend every hour of their day preoccupied with profit margins or expenses. Being overworked effects every element of business and is a make-or-break dilemma for many ambitious people in business. Leisure time is productive for fresh and compelling ideas as well as mental health for business owners.

Keeping sharpness and foresight is not only about steadfast focus—but activities that allow new ideas to generate. Motivation to keep pushing the envelope can be sustained by leisure or hobbies that situate goals and inspiration.

Pursue Activities That Allow New Ideas to Surface

Being self-employed may come with the cost of working day and night with relatively little balance with other activities. In order to avoid burnout, it is essential to pursue activities that allow new ideas to surface. Mental health and well-being optimize focus and by extension motivation to sustain a track record of productivity.

Delegate – Hire Help

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