You have 7 Seconds – Does your website answer these three crucial questions?

Your website presence has seconds to make a first impression and establish a positive connection. How does your website measure up?

How well do you understand your target market?

Take a couple seconds and identify the following.

1. Within the first 7 seconds, can your visitors see and understand:

What you offer? YES / NO
Can they EASILY find your contact info? YES / NO
Do you have a call to action? YES / NO
Does your website communicate trust? YES / NO

2. List or describe how your home page communicates the value of your product or services?


3. How well do you understand your target market and how they want to access your website? Do they access your site on-the-go or in their office?

Obviously first impressions and effective communication are everything. Sometimes when you are so close to the situation you can’t see it completely. You may think your website is great and hitting the mark. How do you really know? Take the time and answer my three relevant questions above.

I’m sure you know your website should look attractive and accurately represent your brand, but it must also be relevant and engaging. It must be about your clients and customers and what your product or service does for them. Today’s marketplace is short on attention and competitive; a huge challenge for most small and large companies today is building relationships with consumers for the long-term. And this starts with an understanding and a strategy for what you need your business website to accomplish.

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Christina Rosepapa
Hello! As the owner of Rosepapa Creative, I specialize in creating custom websites for small businesses. I've enjoyed working with WordPress for over 15 years! From my studio in Arizona, I’ve had the opportunity to work with dozens of industries throughout the USA.

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