This spring marks my 8th year working at Rosepapa Creative. Each year I like to take a few minutes, walk down memory lane and look back over the past year or in this case the last several years.

The digital media field is a challenging one. It’s constantly evolving, competitive and unpredictable.

However that’s what keeps the journey interesting!

Over the years I’ve worked with dozens and dozens of small business owners and know their challenges, pains and frustrations. I have many stories; from the strangest of startups to the most common and how we transformed the branding. A Blog post on this another time.

Looking back over my last 8 years, I call this the start since that is when I became ‘official’ by setting up the LLC for Rosepapa Creative. However, I was in the web and graphic design business way back. Speaking of way back, I actually had to dig back into the web archives to pull up a few of my first projects from 2004, which by today’s standards is quite outdated.


In 2004, one of the first websites I designed and built for was for an Information Management Health Care company in Seattle.

First eCommerce website I built in 2005.

In 2005, one of the first eCommerce websites I built for a new company VinMaps… scroll down to read what happens 10 years later!

My Mountain is Waiting

When I started in the design field I was a small minority of the places I worked. I did not know any other women in this field. I started out right out of college with a BA degree in Liberal Arts into desktop publishing for a book publisher in California. Fast forward and a lot of experience in print and publishing and the evolution into web design and Digital Media, married with 3 kids.

Starting a business to have more time with kids! And hoping they will get into the family business!

Starting a business to have more time with kids!

With 3 kids at home I wanted a career that would give me flexibility for time with the kids.  I evolved this creative aspect of design and the technical part of web design. My skills and experience took me several places one of which was Infusionsoft.


At Infusionsoft I built several web pages, landing pages and went through 3 re-branding projects.

At Infusionsoft in 2006 – 2008, I built several website, campaigns, landing pages and went through 3 re-branding projects.

After spending a couple years at Infusionsoft I learned extensively about Online marketing (before it was so popular), built dozens of web pages, lead capture pages, went through detailed re-branding projects and made lasting connections. However, I wanted to go out on my own for more flexibility in my schedule.

Misconception- who said being an entrepreneur meant more time?

This is when I started Rosepapa Creative.

Below represent a few of my favorite projects along the way; one or two from each year.

2008 White Mountain Cider Restaurant.

2008 White Mountain Cider Restaurant.

WordPress website designed and developed in 2008 (way before WordPress was the popular choice for company websites) for the White Mountain Cider company in New Hampshire. One of my first visits to New Hampshire to work with the owners on the branding, print media, product packaging and more.

Large eCommerce website. So many details - more than meets the eye!


In 2009, a challenging eCommerce project learning hands on all the ins and outs.



2010. Worked with a variety of service based businesses. For years have been involved with our local Chamber of Commerce were I’ve been able to help many small businesses get started with their online media.


Custom WordPress for Arizona Design Center. For 3 years worked as their digital and print provider.

Custom WordPress for Arizona Design Center. 

2011. Working with the Arizona Design Center for 3 years as their digital and print provider which also included promoting their special events, creating their magazine ads and email marketing.


2012 - Worked with a variety of medical and dental companies.

Design and websites for medical and dental companies. One of my favorites shown for not only the design but the experienced learned .

2012 – Worked with a variety of medical and dental companies and some very challenging projects!


In 2012-2013, Rosepapa Creative and team worked on the Catholics Come Home campaign with AKA Internet Marketing and the Catholics Come Home organization. The project consisted of a custom built WordPress website with dozens and dozens of pages, numerous videos, security hurdles, and very tight deadline (which we met), and all the surprises that pop up along the way when working on a large scale project. Great learning experience and great team work!




2013 – Website for Photographer Elaine Kessler. I really enjoy working with other creative professionals.


2014 - Signature Salon Studios - 5 locations.

Beautiful photography on one of our favorite themes – Divi.

2014. Website for Signature Salon Studios which has 5 locations.


Uptown Hound design, development and branding created by Rosepapa Creative

2014. For a few years worked with several pet based business, shown is one of my favorites design and development projects for the Uptown Hound which included a desktop and mobile version. In addition online contests, email marketing and branding.

2014, new responsive website for Flancer's. Have worked with them for years on marketing and digital media.

2014. New responsive website for Flancer’s and updated branding. Have worked with Flancer’s for years on marketing and digital media.


10 years later! Rosepapa Creative builds a new Mobile WordPress website for VinMaps 10 years later!

2015. What an awesome privilege to build VinMaps a new website 10 years after I built their first one! The new WordPress website is mobile optimized and has many back-end features built into it along with strategies to help VinMaps go to the next level in their business.


2015. New WordPress website for Crystal Point. Another full circle client. In 2008 I built their corporate website, all the branding and all the promotional design for their software products. Though this new website may look simple on the front, it was especially complicated because of the technical and server requirements. More here.


What’s next for this year?

My Why has changed.

My kids are in college and one has married. However, this hasn’t changed – My why is still about the purpose of my work which is to empower business owners through creative design and marketing. After all these years, believe or not I’m not tired of building websites. I’ve also developed partnerships with developers, agencies and referral partners in order to keep moving my business moving forward.

Going the Distance

Design styles and technology will always change, but having a strong foundation, the knowledge and winning attitude always goes the distance.